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Author Jasmine Silvera's Blog - 6-6-18

       Listen to the interview with Jasmine here

Author Jim Nelson's Blog - 3-15-18

​     Listen to the interview with Jim here

Author Mariuccia Milla's Blog - 1-25-18

     Listen to the interview with Mariuccia here

Sarah's Guest Blog  with author Carmela Dutra - 1-17-18

​     Listen to the interview with Carmela here

Author Mary Ann Marlowe's Blog - 8-16-17

​     Listen to the interview with Mary Ann here

Author Jasmine Silvera's Blog - 5-30-17

​     Listen to the interview with Jasmine here

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Golden State Media Concepts’ Book Review Podcast is for bookworms of all kinds.  We talk about books for all ages, from Children to Young Adults to Teens to Adults.  We cover genres from  Mystery to Memoirs, Romance to Comedy, Fantasy to Sci Fi.  If you love to read then this is the podcast for you.

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